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Founded by an award-winning team, our boutique service offers free research to help you find exceptional and inspirational clips from our archive.

Because we believe that every project is unique we don’t ask you to scroll through pages of preselected online clips. What about the clips in between? Kinolibrary provide tailor-made clips on demand. Using our expert knowledge of our collections, we send you bespoke footage compilations that best fit your brief via FTP or DVD.

Our collections span the world and tell a century of stories from 1890s trick films to 1990s rave footage. We have breadth but also an eclectic eye for unusual, humorous clips, subcultural material and amateur footage.

We licence clips for projects ranging from documentaries and museum exhibitions to advertising and digital marketing campaigns.

Our service is fast, flexible and friendly, providing access to a wealth of great offline content quickly. Why not contact us to see what we can do?

How We Work

We’re experienced researchers who love a challenge, we’ll save you time by doing the research for you, finding exciting clips to perfectly fit your brief.

Research Stage

Rather than having to wade through a database of preselected clips, just send us your research list so we can do the hard work for you, and for free. You can give us a call about your project or email your wishlist. We respond straight away.

Viewing our Material

We provide bespoke viewing clips (screeners) rapidly on demand via FTP. If you’d rather have a DVD we’re able to provide those too. In most cases screeners are free. If you have a tight deadline we can provide a rush service.

Licence Fees

Our rates are flexible and vary depending on the project and terms of licence. Contact us and we will give you a quote. We can find solutions for all budgets and offer sliding scales for bulk orders.


To provide footage in high res we will need to have the clip reference, timecode in, timecode out and brief description for each clip you require. We will add a 5 second handle to each side of the clip.

We provide a fast turnaround for high res clips in whatever format you need including uncompressed digital upload, Digibeta, DV Cam etc.

Films Wanted

We are always on the lookout for exciting single films and entire collections to represent or buy.

Archive footage is our passion and we take care to really get to know collections we represent.

We are looking for remarkable films, if you think you have something that fits the bill we would love to hear from you. Contact Serena on +44 (0)20 3623 7102 or email

We are Kinolibrary, an independent agency representing remarkable and rare archive footage from around the world.

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UK Lifestyle


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European Nightlife

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50s and 60s British Seaside Home Movies

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Around the World


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1970s CBCB’s

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Our showreels are just a small sample of the content we have available for licencing and include clips from across all of our collections. Explore our different themes or contact us to see more material and to order clean, high resolution footage.


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To enquire about clips from this showreel or to see more, please call us on +44 (0) 203 623 7102 or email us at

1960s and 1970s Japan

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Laboratory Science

Making A Splash

On the Telephone

Swinging 1960s London

Point of View Shots



New York


Record vs Tape


Urban Decay


Reaction Shots

Watching TV

Junk Food Vs Health Food

People Looking Up

European Nightlife

Homes of Tomorrow

Typical English

1960s and 1970s Japan



Robots and Jetpacks


New collections and films are coming into Kinolibrary all the time. If you are looking for something in particular, please get in touch. We would love to help you.

Nostalgic and intimate, the Kinolibrary amateur footage collection is one of the largest in the country, opening up private worlds which have previously been unseen by the wider public. A few favourites clips include, 16mm black and white footage of UK aristocratic families posing outside their mansions, shimmering 1940s Kodachrome shots of small town America, 1970s New York in the scorching summer and the bustling colourful streets of 1960s India.

If you are looking for 50s housewives, consumerism, fashion, travel, in fact anything associated with the culture and history of America then ask us about our excellent Americana Collection. Much of this high-quality collection from the States is brought to you in sparkling Technicolor!

Journey through the ages and around the world with our travelogue collection.  From UK coach tours to Scarborough to exotic trips through Africa and India.  Not only a place to find footage of worldwide destinations but also clips of people travelling in style in the pre-package holiday era. The collection also includes many amateur travelogues which offer a unique and more personal perspective on the places visited.

Dust off your Union Jack jumper and revisit the era of New Labour, Britpop, YBAs and the Spice Girls. This collection includes thousands of hours of rushes from London local news reports which have remained unseen since they were shot in the 1990s.

A shimmering collection of rare footage of 1950s and 1960s England shot by professional cameraman Gordon Richards. Focusing on Northern towns such as Stockton and Redcar, Richards shot everything from local communities and teen dances to urban regeneration projects and day trips, all in beautiful colour 16mm.

Illegal raves of the late 80s and early 90s descended on England's countryside with flashing lasers, wide-eyed revellers and police raids. Our exclusive rave collection offers a unique insider's view of this cultural phenomenon. Follow midnight convoys, see interviews with promoters and look out for the white gloves throwing shapes on the dance floor!

Revisit the hedonism, miniskirts, psychedelia, be-ins, protests and rock n roll of the 1960s with this collection. Featuring rare footage of many stars of the era including Jimi Hendrix, David Hockney, Pink Floyd, Marianne Faithfull and Julie Christie. Get a glimpse of colour shopping on Carnaby Street, John Lennon at a warehouse party in London, hippies in Haight-Ashbury, the Rolling Stones hanging out by the pool in America, Andy Warhol at work in The Factory and student rallies in the USA and UK.

From glamorous airline promo films to spy planes, the Wright Brothers and Concorde, our excellent aviation footage forms just part of our extensive transport collection. Whether its shiny American cars, production lines, steam trains or ocean liners, these films will take where you need to go.

For such a small island we’ve managed to cultivate a strong identity over the years.  Step back in time to see the way we used to live. Aristocratic garden parties, shove ha’penny down the pub, British eccentricity and staycations all form part of this iconic collection covering many regions throughout the country.

Including colour Battle of Britain, propaganda, foreign leaders, weaponry and military vehicles, wartime entertainment and the home front. Kinolibrary have footage related to all major wars and conflicts over the last century.

This collections includes footage from a diverse range of scenes and eras including 80s New York Club Kids, beatniks, King's Road Punks and New Romantics. A particular focus is amateur footage shot by people who belonged to the subcultures giving a rare insider's view from hanging out on the streets to shopping, drugs and parties.

Past Projects

We are proud to have seen Kinolibrary footage included in many acclaimed documentaries, adverts and exhibitions.

Here's a small selection of projects which have used archive from our collections.

The Story of Indie - We loved working to supply footage for this 3 part BBC4 series on the history of indie record labels which features artists ranging from Joy Division to Franz Ferdinand.
The is England '90 - We were thrilled to supply footage for the latest instalment of Shane Meadows' This is England showing on Channel 4.
The Emperor's New Clothes - We provided clips from our 60s collection for this Russell Brand and Michael Winterbottom feature doc about the financial crisis and inequality in the UK.
Being George Clooney - We provided archive footage covering a diverse range of subjects from Mussolini to cinemas in 50s Mexico for Paul Mariano's upcoming film which explores the dubbing of Hollywood films for foreign markets.
The Eichmann Show - Archive footage from the Kinolibrary collections features in this BBC docudrama starring Martin Freeman about the televised trail of Nazi chief operative Adolf Eichmann.
Hannah Wants & Chris Lorenzo 'Rhymes' - We provided an extensive amount of archive for this racy 70s inspired music video.
Soul Boys of the Western World - We loved working with Archive Producer Kate Griffiths sourcing footage from our collections for this this acclaimed Spandau Ballet feature doc. Kate said ‘Kinolibrary were fantastic, quickly, efficiently and affordably tracking down some very specific archive which precisely matched the brief’.
Foo Fighters Sonic Highways - It was great to see our footage included in this awesome HBO music series, described by Dave Grohl as 'a love letter to American music'.
Kinolibrary were commissioned by Creature of London and Patternity to make a short film based around the theme of stripes to be screened at the Superstripe Exhibition in Shoreditch. The result was the film Test Pattern. Using the familiar stripes of a test card as a springboard for images, the film travels through archival film from the Kinolibrary collections, showing how stripes permeate science, fashion, interiors, nature. The soundtrack was written by Bjarni Biering Margeirrson and MC&Hammer from MAVEN (
While their website was being designed, Kinolibrary wanted to create an engaging, non-static holding page. Exploring ideas around production lines and quality control, they made a short film using clips from their large collection of industrial films, edited to a soundtrack composed by Bjarni Biering Margeirsson.



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